this page also features a bunch of really cool tarot spreads for writing!


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1: Positive Traits- things that other characters see this person as, the traits that others might look up to, positive things that the characters themselves see. Ex. Outgoing, hero, there for others, seen as a mentor, etc.
2: Negative Traits- These traits can make them more human or relatable to the reader, the negative traits can be seen by others or the character themselves, these negative traits can change as the story goes on, they can learn to change these traits. Ex. Emotionally draining, confusing, etc.
3: What Do They Feel For?- This is basically What are they passionate about? Does your character have any passions? Does the sight of animals being cute melt them? Do they get excited over anything? Those kinds of things.
4: Why are they here?- Why are you putting them into a story? What is their purpose? These could also add to the chronic and acute tensions or obstacles in the characters way. Are they your main character? Their journey through their life/a bit of back story.
5: Overall Personality- This is a card that adds a little more to both the positive and negative traits. You can find your character's sun sign here, MBTI traits, or whatever else you think might fit into the category. It puts everything from the other four cards all together over all to make the character very well polished.