1: what emotions and thoughts are influencing my actions?
2: what is going on around me that is influencing my actions?

1: what is going on that is hidden? (or that I don't want to see?)
2: if left alone, what will this produce? (what are the consequences?)

1: search and find: what do I need to add to my life?
2: search and destroy: what do I need to eliminate from my life?


1 2 3
1: what is seen
2: what is unseen
3: the outcome


1: Find it- This card's purpose is to isolate the cause of the fear.
2: Evaluate- So we know what causes this fear, now we need the why.
3: Analyze- How does this fear inhibit you? How does it benefit you?
4: Retaliate- How to best tackle the fear.

1 2 3
1: Where have I been in my life?
2: Where am I now with my current life plan?
3: Where am I going if I keep to the current plan?
4: Advice.


1      2
  3 4
1 and 2: what is the obvious synchronistic meaning of this situation?
3 and 4: why is the universe making me experience the synchronicities tied to this situation?
5: what will be the overall lesson I learn when I am done experiencing the synchronicities I'm supposed to?


1 3 2
4 6 5
1: What you want to see/believe
2: What you don't want to see/believe
3: What is true
4: What you want to happen
5: What you don't want to happen
6: What will happen

4 5
1 2 3
1: The problem - What has been bothering you
2: The root of the problem
3: That which is hidden
4: What you must let go of to move on
5: Advice
6: What you need to do


1: What is something positive that I think I'm losing, but I'm truly not?
2:What am I worrying about that's not really even an issue at all?
3: Tell me something negative that I think about myself that's far from true?
4: What is a special quality that I have that many others seek to acquire?
5: What is something amazing that I have that I take for granted?
6: What is something that I desire that I think will make me happy, but won't?
7: Name something tough that I'm currently dealing with that will no longer be a problem soon?
8: Finally, what is something positive coming my way that reminds me that life ain't so bad after all?

1: What's missing inside? This was meant to mean what your soul is missing. The piece of who you are that is not there, the piece your soul feels is absent.
2: What's missing in day to day life?
3: What's missing big picture wise? This will be something that is on a big life scale journey type thing. So I only shuffled the majors together on this one.
4,5,6: What can be done to find the missing pieces?
7: What can I do to fix it?
8: Overall advice